A tipping point is the moment when the momentum for change becomes unstoppable

Everyone has been looking for an answer to the threat American children face every day. No matter the cause, the truth is that school shootings are becoming more and more common as the days go on. We have watched this problem progress, frantically praying our local schools aren’t next, for far too long! Some even hosting major protests, spending time AND money, for the cause we all believe in. A better, SAFER, future for American Children. Whether you were born here or not, Im sure we can all at least agree on that.


I have some great news! WE can make that better and safer America for our kids. Saved By Wavs has come together to do just that. We’re not just gonna ask you for a donation, we’re gonna throw you a kick ass rock show and consider your ticket purchase your contribution. Contribution to what you ask?? SECURITY SYSTEMS IN SCHOOLS!! All you need to do is press the Purchase Ticket link below, and come join us for the LAUNCH PARTY!! July 2019 is going to kick off a project that has been well needed, and we look to be hosting shows as often as we can to help as much as we can. Time is of the essence here, so don’t hesitate to join the fun! Great music and great cause. Saved By Wavs is here to help.